Review: 2010 Twenty20 Premier League, must-have game

The past few days have been crazy. Really crazy. While it’s usual for leaks in the Android segment, this time around even the Symbian segment has kept me all busy. Some stuff wasn’t covered and I had an Editorial on my mind. However, one thing kept me busy and I ended up not coming up with that Editorial. Blame ‘2010 Twenty20 Premier League’, by Synqua Games. Will you like it? Not this easy, the verdict’s at the end!


There have been cricket games, and more of them. While I’ve certainly played many, I haven’t come across a game that’s as simple as this one is – simplicity in terms of gameplay.


Oh, don’t start thinking that this game maybe boring. It isn’t, if you like playing cricket. The game is divided into two modes – Tournament and Challenge. In the ‘Tournament’ mode, you can chose from 3 formats – 5 overs, 10 overs or 20 overs. In the ‘Challenge’ mode, you are challenged to score a pre-determined number of runs in pre-determined number of balls. There are three challenges that you get to overcome.





Based on the Indian Premier League, there are 8 teams from the 2010 season of IPL, each with the complete set of players. Another reason why you should give it a try!

The gameplay is divided in three levels – Easy, Normal, Hard, in both the modes.

The controls are pretty easy. For touchscreen phones, the controls are shown on screen. For phones with keypad (qwerty or T9), the following are the controls for Right-handed batsmen. The reverse applies for Left-handers.

Controls –

– Left/Right on D-pad moves the batsman
1 – Square Cut
2 – Defence
3 – Sweep
4 – Square Drive
5 – Backfoot Drive
6 – Pull
7 – Off Drive
8 – Front Foot Drive
9 – On Drive

If you want to play a lofted shot, just press the ‘Loft’ button on touchscreens, or ‘0’ on keypads and when the ball arrives, play your shot. Note that you have to decide if you want to play a lofted shot, you need to hit the button when the bowler is running.

I managed to maintain run-rates of 14-15+, and generally, Fast bowlers were easier to play than the Spinners.

Pro Tip – If you’re against a fast bowler, select and hit your shot before the ball hits the ground. Against spinners, hit the button when the ball hits the ground. You’ll thank me for this!

Truly simple, yet one of the best games I’ve ever played! It could have very well been made a paid game Nokia.

The game is available on the Ovi Store for free! Grab it now! Remember to come back and say how you like it! Stay Hooked!

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