Rumor: Nokia Has Two New MeeGo Devices. Could Be Meltemi


Here’s a totally unexpected piece of news – Nokia might be working on two new MeeGo devices. Confused? Perhaps you remember Nokia said there wouldn’t be any MeeGo device, after the N9. Sure, we do too. And there are no prizes for guessing, we are as confused as you are.

Nokia also launched the Asha series of feature-phones last year, at Nokia World. But I’m not sure what will happen to this series. Then again, we’re talking about a leak, with no images of any sorts revealed. And the leak points to two devices, not a series. As confusing as it could be. Why? Because it’s still early days, at least the rumor does seem to suggest so.

I’m speculating that Nokia would go combine the best elements of S40 and MeeGo. Remember them saying that the cool UI elements of MeeGo would live on? I think this is the way they’re going to do it – good, eye candy stuff from MeeGo (like Swipe UI), support for Qt, and S40 – they’ll bring all of it together, and try to make a whole set of budget-end smartphones which aren’t confusing even to the ol’ villager. You have to remember Nokia sells tons of feature-phones to people who just want to make calls, send SMSs and check the price of their crops.