Samsung closes Symbian Forum, wipes Symbian off itself


The hole has been bolted. Yes. Hole. In a move towards Android and it’s own Bada OS, Samsung has cloased it’s Symbian Forum and wiped out Symbian from it’s history. That’s Samsung’s way of welcoming the new year. And it is more so due to it’s desire to topple leaders Nokia. Ambitious what one may call, but that’s exactly what everyone aspires to be – No. 1. Leaders, etc..

And oh, before the Nay-sayers start, no, Symbian is in no way dead. If you call the leaders to be dead, it’s at your own peril. Go ahead, propagate the US view of the smartphone world and go down just like the country is.

Facts always remain, propaganda doesn’t. Happy Sunday and Stay Hooked.

PS: Just a quick heads up – Appomendations are currently suspended due to some glitches. We’re even planning on including Android apps, so it’s 3:3::Android:Symbian. What say?

Posted by Wordmobi