Samsung India: We Won’t Be Launching The Galaxy Nexus In India, But Wait For The Next Big Thing!

Galaxy Nexus Cancelled

Probably a sad news for a lot of smartphone enthusiasts in India – Samsung, the manufacturer of the Galaxy Nexus, has gone official about what I was fearing – it isn’t going to launch the device in India. Speculation was rife that the launch would happen in the early half of January, and rumors kept postponing the date. Even my sources were saying that the launch will happen sometime soon, (and they’ve been pretty right most of the times), but it seems like the decision that has been made today was one by the top-level management. Of course, I’m speculating about this, but it does make sense. Otherwise, my sources would have known about it in advance.

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And to help the people who were waiting for the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung has instead asked to wait for the ‘Next Big Thing’, which, in all probability, is the Galaxy S3. And it’s exciting indeed. And in all probability, Samsung is trying to sabotage Nokia’s PureView 808 launch.

Also, a slap on the face of Google India, this is. I wonder how they’re coping up with this, but I do think that this slims the chances of the next Nexus device being Samsung-made.