Say WhatsApp!

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The popular messenger service, WhatsApp for Symbian has just received a major update, now standing at v2.2.21. Included in the update are some really worthy features like ability to send images, videos and sound clips. One can even share their location with friends. Certainly worth it I say.

In case you don’t know much about it, WhatsApp is a popular messenger service among iPhone and Android users, now catching up with Symbian users as well. And until now, sharing images and other multimedia was not available for Symbian users.



1. Multiple bug fixes, faster message delivery.

2. Multimedia support including support for sharing locations.

However, there’s still no in-app update option. And every time there’s a new version, you will have to un-install the current version and then install the new version. Otherwise you may experience some issues. The app is still in Beta stages though.

Download the app here!

Happy WhatsApping and Merry Christmas!!

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