Skype For Nokia Lumia 610 Removed From The Marketplace, Due To ‘Poor User Experience’

Skype for Lumia 610 pulled

Remember when Nokia said that it has been trying to make Skype for the Lumia 610 work ‘well’ ? Well, they made the app available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for the Lumia 610, and are now pulling it back due to ‘poor user experience’. Nokia Hong Kong has an official statement on the issue –

Nokia attaches great importance to the launch of products and services to bring the user experience, so even if the Skype Windows Phone version on the Nokia Lumia 610 does, but after intensive testing, we found the user experience does not guarantee to Nokia and Skype the expected level. Therefore, we do not recommend users to use Skype on the Nokia Lumia 610. Nokia Lumia 610 users in the Windows Phone Marketplace “will not be able to download Skype, Windows Phone version. Skype, Windows Phone version will continue to open to other users to download.

It’s nobody’s fault. Skype actually blows on every goddamn device out there, be it Windows, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone… it’s not Nokia’s fault. It’s also actually hilarious to see a VOIP app, which, in all honesty, is a piss poor one (Windows Phone version), cannot run on a device with 256 MB RAM.

Can’t wait to see how Microsoft goes about this. They bought Skype for $8.5 Billion last year, and I’m surprised to see they only released it a couple of months back for Windows Phone. Oh well.