Sneak Peek At The Symbian^3 PR2.0, On A N8

Lo Behold folks, here we have a video by , showing a sneak peek at what the much awaited, over – hyped PR2.0 version of Symbian^3 may look like! For starters, it looks like there are some really good improvements in the Browser, Portrait qwerty, smoother UI, improved Email app (drastic improvements there) and a new icon set.

The touchscreen seemed unresponsive at times, what with the person using the N8 tapping the screen more than once at times, which suggests that this may not be the final version. But hell yeah, it already looks very much what Symbian should have been in the first place.

These are some new features that I spotted in the video –

  • New Icon Set
  • Marking – Unmarking emails made simpler, with the Email app now looking impressive
  • Ability to open multiple tabs manually
  • Address bar moved to the top
  • Portrait qwerty looks very much usable even one the 16:9 aspect ratio screen

Apart from these, the screen responsive appeared bad, but I guess that the Firmware is still being tested out.