Soundtrckr updated to v1.0.9, several new features added


Soundtrckr, an awesome Geosocial Internet radio app has received an update. Some new features and bug fixes is all that this update includes. Another worthy mention is that the app now works on devices running Java Runtime 1.4 (i.e., those people who haven’t update JRT to 2.1). However, it is recommended that you update JRT to 2.1 from 1.4, if you haven’t already.

New Features –
1. Song progress bar on player

2. Diplay next song/artist on player

3. Add picture to profile from local file and from camera

4. Password recovery at sign-in screen

5. New share station UI

Bug Fixes –
1. Nearby station application error

2. Comment on station grey/black background

3. Friends station grey/black background scroll

4. Log-in screen covers the word password

5. Various performance fixes

Head over to Nokia Betalabs to download the appropriate file.

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