Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus Not Interested Enough To Connect To The Carrier’s 3G Network, Fix Underway

It doesn’t look like phones want to connect to the networks of the carriers to use data. First it was the Nokia Lumia 900, now it’s the turn of Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

sprint galaxy nexus shy data

Apparently, users of the device are having a hard time trying to persuade their Galaxy Nexus to connect to Sprint’s 3G network, all the while they can make phone calls, send/receive messages. Just the data. It doesn’t want to connect. The connection status keeps showing ‘Connecting’, but it’s never complete.

While Sprint and Samsung are working hard to issue an update, as soon as next week, the carrier hasn’t committed any date yet. Some users got frustrated, and exchanged their faulty units for new ones, while most of them are being shunned.

Compare that to Nokia, who gave a $100 credit on the affected users’ bills, and offered to replace the devices. And at the same time, it issued the fix in 3 days – half the time they asked.

Stark contrast.