Symbian Belle gets delayed to 2012, Software update coming to Lumia in two weeks

Nokia UK tweeted today that

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So it is official. If you have a N8 or any other Symbian^3 device that is still on Anna, stop waiting now. Go home and start decorating the Christmas tree and wait for Santa to bring a Lumia 800 for you. We have seen Belle on navifirm. We have reports that the new belle is much faster than the previous leaks. Still Nokia is delaying it.

Meanwhile Lumia series is Nokia’s new obsession. ¬†Lumia 800 has already got one update, and another one is in the pipeline. It will be coming before this year ends

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I hope Nokia manages to roll out Belle before the world ends(yes the world will indeed end in 2012, atleast for Nokia) Sigh!