Symbian still leads, Android racing ahead – Gartner

It’s time for all those Quarterly reports to be published and this one report by Gartner is of importance. There’s always some news to cheer for in the Smartphones segment – total smartphone sales grew by a whopping 96%. At present, smartphones account for almost 19.3% of the total mobile phones, but the growth is rapid.


According to the 2010 Q3 reports, Symbian has lost almost 8% of the total market share – down from 44.6% to 36.6% year-on-year, while Android has gained 22% to stand at a pretty 25.5% share.


WinMo’s share has more than halved. It is down to 2.8% now whereas the Cupertino has lost only 0.4%. Blackberry lost too – it’s down to 14.8% now.

So what? What do I do with all these stats?

We don’t want to complicate this stuff either. What Gartner has reported, is quite obvious, but the sheer numbers were hitherto not known exactly. Android has grown phenomanly in its second year – a big 22% of market compared to just 3.5% in the first year. Nokia and Symbian have been on a negative slope, but we feel there’s hope. The new Symbian is the reason.

At the same time, one needs to consider the fact that Android OS is used by many big players and small players too – LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc whereas Nokia is the only major player using Symbian. It would hence be pretty lame to compare both of them, so stop placing bets. Both the OSs are great but lack a few things at the same time.

In case you like number crunching, take a look at these tables below



What do you think? Will Symbian continue to lead the pack? Will Android engulf other OSs? Will Windows survive?