T-Mobile Readying Fix For Battery Drain On The HTC One S

HTC One S T-Mo Low battery

If you were wondering why your HTC One S on T-Mobile was not giving you good battery backup, when you were making use of the Wi-Fi calling feature, T-Mo has an answer – it’s a bug.

And like with all the other bugs, the carrier, along with HTC, is readying a fix. And until the patch is out, T-Mobile has a ‘unique’ workaround.

Plugin the charger and make your Wi-Fi call. Words fail me, really.

It’s sort of funny to see these things happen to flagship devices. The Nokia Lumia 900 had a data connectivity issue, which was fixed in a span of 3 days. Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus has the same data connectivity issue.

Amusing to see all of them fail at once 🙂