The Walking Dead: Symbian Ends Up As World’s Top Mobile OS In 2011

Symbian Statcounter top OS

Statcounter, a web traffic analysis tool, has come out with a report that suggests Symbian is still the world’s top dog with regards to mobile Operating Systems. Beating the likes of iOS, and the Android juggernaut, Symbian has single handedly managed to beat ’em all to the top.

However, it hasn’t been that easy a ride. After starting out at 30%, Symbian once dipped to 29% after peaking at 33.58%. However, the Belle devices launched later this year seem to have salvaged the pride and the OS ended the year at a high of 33.63%. Sweet muffins!

What is amazing is the fact that Android is used by zillions of OEMs, and there are oh-so-many Android-powered tablets as well. iOS is also used on phones, iPods, and iPads. Symbian, on the other hand, is used only by Nokia and a couple more vendors here and there (Japan). And, it was relegated to the second spot by Nokia itself back in February, on the black day (for a Symbian lover anyway) that the 11th of February 2011 was. Walkin’ dead eh 😉

Nokia may have turned its focus to Windows Phone for now, but the Belle update is certainly helping both the Finnish company as well as Symbian lovers. What a way to end an year!