This N9 runs 7 different operating systems including Android and Windows Phone 7

Nokia N9 might be the most critically acclaimed phone ever made. It was the officially declared “dead on arrival” device and most probably the last member of the iconic N series. But someone in China was not happy with the N9 dying with Meego.  So he made a N9 lookalike that runs 7 different OS!!! Apart from the usual Meego affair this N9 offers iOS 5.0, HTC Sense, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Samsung’s TouchWiz and Symbian Anna operating systems. 7 OS for 7 days of the week = Amazing Everyday!!!

Apart from 7 Operating Systems (I wish he included webOS too) the specs are sub-par. The new phone comes with dual SIM card capability, a 3.8-inch WQVGA resistive touchscreen and a 1.3-megapixel rear camera. Would you lke to buy this N9? Having a choice is always good, but 7 different choices is …. too much!!!