[Updated] Split Screen QWERTY will come when PR2.0 arrives with E7 in March


Just in case if you were desperately wishing, let me say you that split screen QWERTY will not be coming along with the PR 1.1 update for the current Symbian^3 devices. And that Nokia E7 will be shipping directly with PR 2.0 or will receive PR2.0 shortly after it is released. And oh, the E7 is going to come only in March. Feels good when things are made clear isn’t it? So, PR2.0 will also come around the same time or when E7 hits the markets. An official over at Nokia Betalabs has said that the E7 will feature this directly, so in all probabilities, E7 will ship with PR2.0.

The N8 owners who are waiting for the PR1.1 update may be highly disappointed. There’s not much new in the new update. Until now, our reader has reported that only the ‘Landscape Call Dialer’ is new apart from the usual suspect, General Performance Boost. PR1.1 fixes several bugs according to several sources, but what bugs are fixed is yet to be known. Another reader has reported that he couldn’t install Ovi Store after the PR1.1 update. Anyone else facing this issue can try to update it at the Nokia Care centre. If you do so, please report your findings to us.

PS: Just a quick update guys, N8 and C6 (01) will get PR1.1 update early next week, according to Daming Dinning.

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Image Credits Open Gardens