Viber Celebrates 100 Million users, Adds Support For S40, Symbian and Bada

Viber is an app that lets you make free calls and send free texts… amazing eh? Viber was already available for all major platforms – iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Their multi-platform approach bundled with great features surely helped them cross 100 million users. As if this wasn’t enough Viber announced support for S40, Symbian and Bada too. The surprising thing is that even older S60 Symbian devices will be supported.

Viber had earlier announced an app for Lumia Windows Phone devices. The app will probably be available on other Windows Phone devices after some period of Nokia exclusivity. The only smartphone platform that will be missing Viber is MeeGo (and Maemo too). Probably MeeGo doesn’t have enough marketshare to lure even such generous developers. Oh yes I did forget WebOS too. Silly me!

Are you ready to Viber?