Welcome the E5 and BH-905i, Androsymmers!

The Nokia E5, a successor to the old horse E63, is in the Androsym Labs, thanks to the good peeps at WomWorld/Nokia. Featuring a 5 MP camera, a 2.4” TFT screen, the E5 is a budget smartphone that aims to take Eseries to the masses.

We’ve even received the BH-905i, the king of Stereo Bluetooth Headsets. The main attracting is ofcourse the Active Noise Cancellation or ANC. Its looks are premium as well (ofcourse, for it comes at a price).

In the coming weeks, we’ll do all we can to put this cute li’l E-series kid to test. Ofcourse, comparisons to the E63 are obvious. It’s going to be our first, but we promise to do our best!

In the meantime, you could tell us what you’d like to hear. Also, if you have any issues with respect to E5 and BH-905i, leave a comment here and we’ll try and solve them.
Stay Hooked fellas!