Welcome The Symbian Anna, aka PR2.0!

It’s here, finally! The version of Symbian^3 that every Symbian fan begged, has arrived finally. Although it’s still available only for the Nokia E6 and X7 at the moment, other Symbian^3 devices will be eventually getting it in some ‘months time’. Now how much time this will take is not known yet.

Anyways, lets see what’s new in the Symbian Anna

  • Refreshed Iconography
  • Portrait Qwerty (finally!)
  • Split Screen Keyboard, finally
  • Updated browser, that’s 3x faster than the older one. Also, improved UI, with the address bar situated at the top. The new browser is still based on Symbian WebKit base, but expect a Software update to replace this with a QtWebkit based browser.
  • Ovi Maps 3.6 with improved search, public transport overlays to map view and the ability to download country maps on the device.
  • Enhanced Ovi Maps (v3.06): smarter search; Check-in to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquareor local social networks; ability to share places via email and SMS, and also with friends using non-Nokia phones; public transport network lines view; update and download full country maps via WLAN
  • Enhanced Ovi Store (v2.06.xx): improved search, including auto-complete, spell-checking and Internet search engine optimization and error fixes; increased file size limits for downloading over WLAN
  • Enhanced Social (v1.3): status updates in contact card, ability to retweet and view follower list in Twitter, higher resolution image uploads, ability to add caption to images
  • Enhanced Ovi Suite (v3.x): works seamlessly with the latest version of Ovi Suite to update the device software, download free street maps, download new music and discover the latest mobile apps, back up the device to keep content safe, and sync content with Ovi.

Here’s the video, that ‘Introduces you to Symbian Anna’

That is it, for now. (where are those 50+ new/improved features that were earlier promised?)