Welcome Ubice, the new Touchscreen!

Nobody could have wondered that someone would one day make a Touchscreen from ICE! But then, it has been done, a Touchscreen has been created from solid ice slabs, joined together using heat guns, and then integrating electronics with this ICE-wall.


The Nokia Team in Finland, headed by Jyri Huopaniemi who created the Ubice (ubiquitous ice) had this to say –

This was a playful experiment, but one that we think showed interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere.

Finland has a tradition of building snow and ice sculptures during its long winter. It was these that inspired the device, says Antti Virolainen, a member of the Nokia team. We decided to see if we could make an ice sculpture that was interactive.

Now that’s innovation at it’s best, isn’t it? Would you like to have the Ubice? We would certainly want it!


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