White Nokia Lumia 928 Spotted In The Wild

I stumbled upon some images that seem to have been taken using a Lumia 928. The 928 is apparently a lighter and slimmer 920 and according to The Verge has a xenon flash.





Exif of both these images mentions Lumia 928. We have uploaded the full resolution version so you can check for yourself .


Zooming in into the lady’s shades, you can see white device in her hand. The top and right margins are white with a black screen. The original blogpost has many photos, mostly from the rear camera. But they do not have any exif info so we cannot be sure. Testers usually have multiple devices. One of those images is particularly interesting.




The reflection in mirror shows the back of a white device along with the placement of camera and flash. Such placement is not present in any Nokia WP device. I am assuming the camera on the top left corner while flash at the center along with the zirconium strip. I think this is the Lumia 928. What do you guys say?


Edit: The blog http://mutkas.blogspot.com/ where these photos were originally posted is now restricted from public access and is invite only. I think this confirms our suspicion that the device in these photos is the Lumia 928 😉