Why Nokia floundered and Why it’s still the best.

Well, on its way to top, Nokia made many enemies. And right now, when its climbing its way to top again, its discovering them all. Enemies could be anything – from external like competetors to internal like mismanagement. What we’re talking about is internal enemy. Ofcourse there might be external ones and there are, but we’ll not talk about that.

What it did wrong?
It’s gonna be a long long list. I’ll try to keep it short though.

1. Ovi maps. Yes guys, you heard it right. When Nokia first introduced this service, it came at a cost. While there were other maps in the market with better data than what Nokia had, providing the service at some cost proved to be a blunder. It tried to salvage itself by making maps free and it did well. As always, better late than never.

2. N-gage.
The platform that was never going to be successful. It all started when Nokia marketed it heavily that people had high expectations from. Starting with the odd joystick phones, to the platform ending up later to just a piece of software, n-gage just went down the hill. Overly priced semi-baked games, which could be got outside n-gage for a throwaway price added to its woes.

3. Nokia->Ovi??!!
Yeah guys. We’re talking about Nokia’s policy that it followed till recently and may even follow sometime later – renaming its services to ‘ovi’ something. It created a big big confusion among its customers. I’ve lost a ‘comes with music’ account when Nokia upgraded and renamed their Music Store!!

4. Non upgradability.
Today Nokia has more than 4 software platforms. Again some of these have sub-platforms!! Any manufacturer would only do this when it wants to confuse itself. No Offense. But Nokia, you got it wrong. Plus, there’s no option that lets the lower platform users to upgrade to the newer one. Seriously, makes me wonder, why so many platforms when you’re not allowing the users to upgrade!

What Nokia did Right?
This list maybe short, but that’s the best Nokia did staying in the business.

1. Staunch Marketing.
The Finns have been a staunch marketer and so is The Finnish Giant. I hate to say this, but The Cappuccino has a lot to learn from it. The ‘Nokia Box’ campaign is one such example.

2. Simplicity.
Nokia – that’s simplicity at it’s best – atleast on the user interface front. Anyone who’s used a Nokia would say that they loved how simple browsing through menus was.

3. Ovi Store.
Well, this is one the best app store around. Though, its not as populated as the other stores, it has some great titles and freeware at that!! Its the quality that matters and not quantity. Right?

4. Constant Device Support.
This is one the best things that Nokia does. Constant support to even some of the ‘old’ phones. Aint it amazing that even a 2 odd years old phone gets a Firmware Update. This mostly compensates for the raw initial software that came with the phone. Mostly, not completely.

Lets end the list here….if you could add to it, it would be great.

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