Windows Phone 7.8 To Arrive In Early 2013 To Your Device, If You’re Lucky Enough

Microsoft finally spoke up on the Windows Phone 7.8 availability, today. They announced that the update will be pushed out in early 2013, Q1 hopefully, and that it will bring the existing Windows Phones as close as possible to Windows Phone 8, so you don’t feel as left out as you are at the moment.

Windows Phone 7.8

I’m pretty surprised, though, seeing how much time they’re taking for a small update as this. They’re adding only a new Start screen, 10 more themes, Bing picture of the day for lockscreen and ‘A1B2C3’ IN/password challenge to prevent accidental device wipes on phones connected to Exchange accounts. That is all. So, it’s already been 5 months since they announced 7.8, and from now, it might be another 3-4 months. So really, 9 months for this? You must be kidding me.

And to add to it, not all the devices will get the update. It’s upon the carrier and the OEM, end of the day, to push the update, and knowing HTC, I’m quite confident they won’t care to push it out. Samsung, can’t say, they’ve pushed out updates faster than others. Nokia, on the other hand, is most likely to push the updates, seeing the amount of people lashing out at the company, and this could act as a boost to its image. Or a face-saving attempt.

via Windows Phone Blog