Windows Phone 8 detailed, includes support for MicroSD card, NFC and multi-core processors

PocketNow managed to grab a video by Senior Vice President and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore, that was meant for partners at Nokia. He reveals some of the features that will be included in Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo. Have a look

  1. Say Goodbye to WVGA Screens : Windows Phone 8 will support a total of 4 screen resolutions. Joe did not mention the exact number of pixels but we are expecting 720p and higher resolutions. WP7 devices were forced to use 480*800 WVGA resolution screens irrespective of screen size. Phones with larger displays suffered because of low ppi and pixellation. Since the Windows Phone UI is more text based, sharper displays naturally look more beautiful.
  2. Dual Core, Quad core, Multi Core, Rampage! : Windows Phone Mango does not need dual core processors, thanks to a very optimized OS, limited multitasking and developer limitations. However MS plans to allow the developers use native code for apps and games. This will result in more powerful and integrated apps that will require more firepower to run. Windows Phone 8 will support multi core processors to suffice these needs.
  3. MicroSD Card Support, Finally! : Windows 8 will support MicoSD cards. This feature should have been there from day 1.
  4. NFC Love : Windows Phone 8 will support NFC radios. So your Windows Phone 8 device will double as a wallet; apart from usual Angry Birds like fun stuff
  5. Integration with Windows 8 : According to Joe, developers will be able to “reuse — by far — most of their code” when porting an app from desktop to phone, kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia support as areas of heavy overlap. English translation : You can see Windows Phone 8 as a ultra lite version of its desktop counterpart. Although you wont be able to fill your phone with junk softwares like 10 different video players and a Kundli making softwares, or even install .exe files; developers will be able to port their Windows 8 specific apps easily to windows Phone 8
  6. Goodbye Zune : I hated Zune because it was a multimedia player combined with an application for syncing and updating your phone. It failed miserably at everything it was supposed to do. Microsoft will be launching a new dedicated client to cater your phone related needs, something like Nokia Suite or Samsung Kies.
  7. Skype, Skydrive and Cloud! : Skydrive is already available in marketplace, it will be integrated deeper into the OS allowing users to automatically backup their data on cloud. Skype integration is also expeced.
  8. Apps and more apps : MS will allow devs to use native code, to create rich and powerful applications and intensive 3D games. It will also make the process of porting apps from iOS or Android much easier.
  9. Intelligent Data management : Windows Phone 8 will keep on hunting for available wifi netwoks and automatically connect to them. It will use Bing Maps and Local scount to find out hotspots. IE10 may also feature proxy based data compression like Opera Mini and Opera Turbo to save data cost.
  10. Business in Mind : For buisiness users, WP8 brings bit locker encryption, and installation of company specific websites without visiting the marketplace.

The BIG Question : Will current batch of devices get WP8? The answer is Yes and No. If you’ve bought a Lumia for yourself, it won’t be upgraded with a 720p screen and a Tegra 3 processor after the update. It still won’t have a microSD card slot or NFC. Some of the newer apps and games will require better hardware than the current generation devices can offer. I see Windows Phone 8 as an upgrade rather than a mere update.