Windows Phone 8 To Get 1080p Support By 2013 End With GDR3 Update

Nokia Lumias WP8

Microsoft is going to support 1080p, aka Full HD resolution and it’s going to bring this to Windows Phone 8 via an update in the Holiday season, called GDR3. Currently, we’re all on GDR1. GDR2, which is going to come some time in May-June, is going to bring a couple of new features and fixes/improvements, but the GDR3 update already seems more important.

A GDR is a General Distribution Release. Apart from supporting higher resolution displays, the GDR3 update will also bring support for the newer Qualcomm processors, optimizing the OS for quad-cores. That’s as much we know about it as of now. This is different from the ‘Blue’ update, which is supposedly going to come in early 2014.