Windows Phone Mango Running LG Fantasy Leaked, Looks Uninspiring

LG maybe coming up with a Windows Phone some time soon, after being cold about it in the recent past. Nokia, Samsung, HTC all came up with more Windows Phones, but LG decided to stay back. Now though, it seems to be ready to launch the Fantasy, running Mango.

LG Fantasy Windows Phone leaked

The Fantasy comes with a 4″ IPS display and runs Mango, as I said before. And that’s as much that’s known about it, at the moment.

LG Fantasy Windows Phone leaked

What seems at the back is a 5 MP camera, but there does not seem to be Flash anywhere. Uhm, entry level stuff, LG? And you hope that will rescue you? *le sigh*

Note that it’s a developer device, so things may be different on the actual end product. But I’m not betting on anything better. What do you think?