Wondering What The New Symbian UI Could Be Like – Look Here


Well well well, looks like the new Symbian has finally got an update to it’s UI. In a leak at a China event, headed by the Smart Devices unit leader, Jo Harlow, the N8 in the background appears to be having a ‘Notifications’ bar at the top. And it appears like it’ll remain constant accross screens, just like the ones found in Android – Sony Ericsson, Samsung and HTC specially.

The main area seems to have not been touched, whereas the bottom looks like having a triplet of soft buttons, what with a ‘Call’ and ‘Menu’ buttons evident, but the third button couldn’t be recognized. It could well take directly to ‘Apps’, but yeah, this is as wild as it gets. What do you think? Will it ship with PR2.0? Or PR3.0? What could be the third and the last soft button?

via Twitter, Image Credits My Nokia Blog

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