WP7 To Receive Major Updates Next Month


Windows Phone 7 was a last attempt by Microsoft to save itself from going into oblivion in the Smartphone OS segment. And yes, it looks a lot better than Windows Mobile and Symbian. The general perception has been highly favourable, with 93% of the total users saying they’d recommend the OS to their friends. That is perhaps one of the reasons why Nokia opted for WP7 as their primary OS.

It’s not all rosy though. WP7 suffers from lack of many apps (at last count, there were 8000), no multitasking, no Twitter integration, no Copy-Paste functionality etc. Now, it is official that these features will be added next month via a ‘major update’. That’s what is promised.


• Copy and paste functionality via first major update, coming in the next month

• Twitter integration directly into the People Hub in 2011

• Support for Office documents in the cloud in 2011

• Dramatically enhanced Web browser experience based on IE9 in 2011

• A new wave of multitasking applications in 2011

• Targeting significant volume of Nokia Windows Phones in 2012


Here’s hoping WP7 actually works after the update. I’ve come across a lot of people saying the UI is a delight, but the lack of multitasking and Copy-Paste was driving them nuts. Ofcourse, they’re spoilt by Symbian!

Posted by Wordmobi