You Can Now Have Offline Google Maps On Your Android

Google Maps offline for Android

Always wished Google Maps would let you access maps offline? Always. I’ve always wanted this. And since there was no offline access yet, I had to turn to Nokia Maps. Not anymore, since Google has announced offline access to Google Maps on Android smartphones.

Although Nokia Maps are quite splendid, the data wasn’t sufficient. Where Google Maps would show me the right way, Nokia Maps would, more often than not, ask me to hit a building. Well, you now know how excited I am to hear this news.

Google Maps has also been way more accurate than Nokia Maps has been. I tried searching for a venue that’s right in front of me, using Nokia Maps, but I was returned with results which said the venue was 6 KMs away. That’s not just a one-off incident.

The new features are available starting today. You can tap on a map, and Google Maps will ask if you want to download the Map data onto your phone, including the size of the data.