You want some, come, get some! (Bubbles)


Wondering what’s with the title? Well, people have been asking for eye candy on Symbian for a long long time now and now, it seems that there’s some respite in the form of Bubbles. A Betalabs application, the app is still is ‘Beta’ stage and has been released just yesterday. Lets see what the maker had to say –

When I invented the bubbles concept (with my friend Sami) the idea was to have a fun way to unlock the phone. After some thinking it was obvious that bubbles can be used for many other purposes and at the same time have some fun things on your screen. Throwing the bubbles around was one of the first things we did with them. And when you have some event you want to respond to it is very easy and fast to do so.



It looks good. Here’s what it can do –

– Unlock the phone

– View new messages

– View/Respond to missed calls

– Control the music player

– Control the FM radio

– Change profile (profile timing also supported)

– Call/Message your three best friends

– Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight

– Show your current location using Ovi Maps

– Change the background of the Bubbles screen

– Display when battery needs charging

– Display statistics about bubble speed and distance (just for fun)

Download it now here!

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