Windows Phone 8 Apollo+ update

“Apollo+” Update To Windows Phone 8 Will Add Features Which Missed The Train

Remember how there were talks about Microsoft rushing the Windows Phone 8 software, and some of the important features being skipped so as to ship the shiny new version to the OEMs for their Windows Phone 8 devices. Nokia insiders also tell that Microsoft gave them the new version of Windows Phone just “days” before […]

Here’s something you can sell

We all know the importance of the product. It is what we sell, what we focus our persuasion skills on. We should believe in that product in order to make the potential customer believe. It has to have all of the elements of answering the client’s chief question: “What can it do for me?” It […]

Avengers Initiative

Marvel Games Launch Avengers Initiative, With Promo Pricing Of $5

Fan of Avengers? You’d sure love this game. Marvel Games has launched the first Avengers title for Android, Avengers Initiative, and it’s available in the Google Play store for a promotional price of $5. The normal price is about $7, and the ones with Tegra 3 devices should experience some special effects, but having the […]

[Download] Google Posts Android 4.2 (JOP40C) Yakju Factory Image, OTA Updates Being Pushed, Too

Just as I moved away from Stock Jelly Bean, Google decided it was time to push the Android 4.2 update for “Yakju” Galaxy Nexii, and shortly thereafter, the factory images were published as well. The 4.2 update brings some new features, some of which are – Lockscreen widgets “Improved” clock app Quick Settings in the […]


Sub-Saharan Africa Leads In Mobile Growth

 NEW GSMA REPORT SHOWS SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA LEADS THE WORLD IN MOBILE GROWTH AND IMPACT   The GSMA today published its latest comprehensive study of the socio-economic impact of the mobile industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. The report, “Sub-Saharan Africa Mobile Economy 2013”, developed by GSMA Intelligence, reveals that mobile contributes over six per cent of the […]