Why Nokia floundered and Why it’s still the best.

Well, on its way to top, Nokia made many enemies. And right now, when its climbing its way to top again, its discovering them all. Enemies could be anything – from external like competetors to internal like mismanagement. What we’re talking about is internal enemy. Ofcourse there might be external ones and there are, but […]

The 62 Apps Story

Sixty two full apps run successfully on SYMBIAN OS !!! Andy…..aka ‘HyperX’ has reportedly been able to run a total of 62 complete apps on his modified symbian os, and all at the same time. He’s done it on his sammy i8910 hd. Now that’s a record! (more…)

The Security of Smartphones

During the past couple of years, smartphones have already reached about 90% of the total mobile phone industry. As a matter of fact, it is safe to conclude that over 500 million have already been produced in just a period of two years. However, the actual question lies whether these smartphones can really be trusted […]