Jolla Mobile

The Last Of The MeeGo Developers Leave Nokia, Join Hands To Build Their Own MeeGo-based Smartphones

A bunch of Nokia’s MeeGo team members had left the Finnish company, a couple of days back. They’ve now come together and will be helping Jolla Mobile in making new MeeGo-based smartphones. However, before you get excited, no, there won’t be any updates for your Nokia N9 or the developers-only N950. That’s understandable – those phones are […]

phone conspiracies

Phone Conspiracies

The coming of the mobile device ushered the world into the age instant communication. There is no longer any need for someone to wait several hours or even days for a message. This new ability for people to share ideas and news naturally presents a threat to most states. This is despite the fact the […]


iTunes Digital Copy Program

Apple has always been a pioneer in the technology industry. But its digital copy program is not a new feature. Even though most users are discovering it for the first time, the service has been around for a while. The service available on Apple TV will backup digital copies of the movies bought on the […]

Adobe Flash Player for Android

Flash Player Plugin For Android Won’t Be Available For Download From August 15

Back in November last year, Adobe had announced that it’d stop developing its Flash Player plugin for Android. Today they announced that the plugin won’t be available for download from the Play store, starting August 15. The first Nexus tablet, Nexus 7, doesn’t support Flash. Adobe announced further that its plugin won’t be supported on […]