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Nokia, Samsung, Huawei And HTC Will Make The First Windows Phone 8 Devices

Microsoft revealed in its Windows Phone Summit held yesterday that 4 OEMs will be the first to come out with phones running its latest version of Windows Phone, v8 aka Apollo. The four OEMs are Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC. No major surprises there, except for Huawei, who are going to come out with some […]


Microsoft unveils WP7.8; says existing WP devices will not be upgraded to WP8… may get official port!

Along with the major announcement of WP8, Microsoft also announced Windows Phone 7.8. It may also be the last update for existing Windows Phone 7 devices. The big reason for update incompatibility is hardware support. While WP7 was designed to run smoothly on single core devices, Microsoft changed a lot of core things in WP8 including support for new […]

Wiktionary for Android

Wiktionary Launches Android App – Free Dictionary In Over 150 Languages

Wiktionary needs no introduction, and I won’t be giving one (gearing up for the Windows Phone Summit, grabbing a cappuccino and making myself a pizza, so, no time!). They just launched an Android app, and like all things Wikipedia (Wiktionary is a sister project of Wikipedia), it’s free. Available in over 150 languages, you can save articles […]

Microsoft Windows RT Tablet

Rumors: Microsoft To Launch Its ‘Own’ Windows 8/RT Tablet On June 18, Could Be Nokia-made

Microsoft has sent out an invite to some of the top US blogs, informing them about an event that’s going to be held in Los Angeles, on Monday. It’s scheduled late in the day, at about 1530 hours. However, they haven’t revealed anything about anything, yet. Microsoft’s PR agency, Waggener Edstrom, has sent out the invitation, […]

Nokia Store

Nokia Offloads Major Stake In Vertu, Buys Most Of Scalado And Is All Set To Cut 10,000 Jobs Worldwide By 2013

Some major news from Finland, this morning. Nokia’s announced the sale of a major stake in its luxury brand, Vertu, to EQT VI, retaining only 10%. And next, it announced that it will be acquiring Scalado’s assets – developers, technologies and intellectual property from the Sweden-based company. If you don’t know what Scalado is – […]

Sony Xperia Ion HSPA

Sony Xperia Ion HSPA, Xperia Miro, Xperia Tipo And Xperia Tipo Dual Announced

Boom. Sony just announced four new Android smartphones today – Xperia Ion HSPA’s a high end smartphone, the Xperia Miro is a low mid-ranger and the tipo and tipo dual are low-end smartphones. Sony can’t stop trolling us enough. As far as my memory serves, they have launched/announced about a dozen smartphones in the past 4-5 […]

Wireless Technology Evolution

Wireless communication has undergone a tremendous change in the recent years. Before we fully appreciate its value in our time, it is also worthwhile to trace back, doing a trip down memory lane in order to see the complete evolution of wireless technology.   History 1G, or the first generation of this type of wireless […]