Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus Launched In India Starting At Rs. 8,999

Lenovo owned Motorola today launched two new smartphones in India. The new Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus continue to build on the Moto E series brand name. While the Moto E4 is a regular sized smartphone with a decent battery, the Moto E4 Plus is a phablet with a big 5,000 mAh battery. These […]

Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 3G

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Marks The Return Of The Ace Series With Android 4.2 Jelly Bean And A 4-inch Display

It’s been over an year that Samsung has announced any¬†version of the Galaxy Ace, which became quite popular thanks to the low price tags. Well, they’ve just announced the Galaxy Ace 3, obviously a successor to the Ace 2. It comes in two variants – 3G and 4G, surprisingly, with 4 GB and 8 GB […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Leaked In Photos, Reveal A Boxy Avatar

We haven’t had any leaks of the up and coming Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but there now are some photos of a prototype of the Note 2 successor. Devices from this Galaxy Note series have always followed launches of Galaxy S flagships, since Galaxy S2. The Note 3 continues in the same fashion, and is […]


Nokia Lumia 520 – A Pocket-Friendly Premium Device

The Nokia Lumia 520 has been quite a success, at least here in India. It combines Nokia’s hardware design prowess and the beautiful Metro interface of Windows Phone, and offers some very good things like Nokia’s Here Maps, a pretty good 5 MP camera, a 4″ display all at a very attractive price of <10,000 […]

Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 Review – The Yellow Beauty Is A Great Bang For Your Buck

Back when Nokia announced the Lumia 720 alongside the Lumia 520 at the Mobile World Congress this year, I was pretty excited about it, seeing as I really liked the Lumia 820, and the 720 looked a lot like the 820, except it came with a camera that’s very good for phones in its price […]

Nokia Lumia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 Camera Samples – A Lot Of Good, And Some Grainy

I’m currently reviewing the Nokia Lumia 720, which runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. I got the yellow one, and it’s not gaudy, as I’d initially thought it to be. Rather, it’s really good, and is sort of a very good change from my boring grey Galaxy Nexus. People? They like the colour a lot, […]

WP8 full res SkyDrive backups

Full Resolution Backups Of Photos And Videos To SkyDrive Now Active For Windows Phone 8 Users

That was one complex headline, but it finally makes sense now. Microsoft has activated full resolution backups of photos and videos to SkyDrive for Windows Phone 8 users, and it should take anywhere between an hour to a few days for the option to show up on your device. By default, the backup option is […]

Nokia Lumia 928 Verizon

Nokia Lumia 928 Goes Semi-official, Gets Compared With iPhone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S3

Nokia just made the Lumia 928 semi-official, releasing a sample video taken with the new Lumia. As it always was the case, the Lumia 928 is headed to US’ Verizon network, bearing LTE support and a modified design. There have been outings of the Lumia 928 several times before, but this is the first sample […]

Foursquare for Windows Phone

Foursquare And YouTube For Windows Phone Get Big Updates, YouTube Finally Is A Real App

Two more reasons for Windows Phone users and fans to be happy about. Two important apps, Foursquare and YouTube have received some important updates today. Foursquare gets a huge facelift, bringing with it some features to make use of the advanced hardware that Windows Phone 8 supports. It’s got NFC support to share and check-in […]

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone

Facebook Beta For Windows Phone Released, Probably The Best Facebook Experience On Any Phone So Far

Something good just arrived on Windows Phone. What? A Facebook app. A revamped, mix of Metro and Facebook’s own UI. There’s an official app already, standing at v4.2.1, but it’s best ignored to say the least. The existing app adopted Windows Phone’s Panaromic UI, but it was never a good experience. Both the apps are […]

Microsoft Dont Fight Switch To Lumia ad

Microsoft Publishes A Smart Apple v Samsung Ad, Hopefully Remembers It Still Has To Work On Windows Phone

This is a really smart ad from Microsoft, showing Apple and Samsung/Android fans fighting, and a couple of Lumia 920 users calmly using their devices. The ad is going to air in the US later, but the video has been released on YouTube. This comes on the back of the best ever Lumia sales in […]


Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched In India, Hands-on Video And Pictures Inside

So yesterday we attended the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in India which was held by Reliance at Shangri La Hotel in Mumbai. It seems like this time Reliance had sponsored the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Mumbai. There were celebs and all, but we’ll try to be on topic here. Apart from all […]

Cut The Rope Experiments for Windows Phone

Cut The Rope Experiments Show Up For Windows Phone, Your Old Windows Phone Is Supported

Look what just got available on Windows Phone Store. Oh yes, Cut The Rope Experiments. from Zeptolab. It’s pretty famous, and comes with Xbox Live integration. You’ve got to feed Om Nom, the character in the game, some candy using various devices like suction cups, bubbles. Collect stars while doing so for a good score. […]

Motorola RAZR M XT-905

Motorola Could Be Planning Razr M-sized Stock Android Phones

Remember the Motorola Razr M? It was one of those Android phones I’d lusted after in vain, much more so after Motorola ceased its operations in India. Well, it looks like Motorola and Google have their first Google-influenced products in the pipeline, according to PCMag. Consumers love what the Android OS can do for them, […]

Galaxy Mega 6_3

Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 And Galaxy Mega 6.3 Announced – Because ‘Moar’ Is Never Enough

Samsung has today announced a couple of devices that were leaked some time back. They’re calling them Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3. Galaxy Mega is a new line, and Samsung is probably aiming to take the concept of a Galaxy Note (minus the S-Pen) to lower price points, probably upper and mid mid-range. […]