T-Mobile Shoving ads in Notif bar

T-Mobile Showing Adverts In The Notification Bar – Because It’s Never Too Much

Thought you hadn’t seen enough ads on your Android? Don’t worry, after KDDI, T-Mobile has also started showing (or rather, shoving?) ads in the notification bar. Obviously, to its customers. Funny eh? Those T-Mo customers must be infuriated. Oh wait, they are, already. There’s a thread on Reddit, already, as well as T-Mobile’s own support […]

Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack

After Initial Leak-It-And-Then-Deny-It Cycle, Samsung Releases Value Pack Update For The Galaxy S

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S, rejoice! The Korean conglomerate has released the Value Pack update, finally. The company had initially declined that any such update was being planned, or that it existed, after some folks leaked it. Then later, it went on to say that it will be pushed out some time later, and the […]

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900 For $100 And HTC Titan II For $200. AT&T. Buy From April 8th. Pre-orders Begin March 30.

Here’s what you have been wanting ever since CES – AT&T has announced that the Lumia 900 and the Titan II, both running Windows Phone Mango, and LTE-capable devices. The carrier has fixed the prices at $100 and $200 respectively. Bonkers. The Lumia 900 will be Nokia’s first LTE-capable Windows Phone, and will play an […]

Nokia 701

Nokia 701 Review – Belle Is Pretty, And Fast On The 1 GHz Processor

Remember the Nokia C7? Of course you do. It was one of the first four new Symbian devices that Nokia launched. Besides the E7, C6-01 and N8, it was launched in 2010, and came with a 680 MHz processor, which, although good enough, could be found panting every now and then. Those specs were just […]


AT&T Releases Android 4.0 ICS Update For HTC Vivid, 10 Other Devices In Line Too

Ever wondered when your AT&T branded Android device would get the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update? Don’t worry, here’s a list we have, and if your device is listed, you should be getting the update pretty soon. Pretty soon as in, the coming months. Control your anger please.. LG Nitro Motorola ATRIX 2 Motorola […]