App Review: 4squick Beta 0.96 For Symbian Devices

4squick 0.96

By Symbian, I mean the new Symbian (Symbian^3 and above). The version I will be talking about here is 0.96, which at the time of writing this, is the latest, so all new plus old stuff will be covered.

Wondering what 4squick is? It is a Foursquare client, that lets you, well, check-in to places and stuff.

The first time you fire up the app, you’re presented with this screen…

4squick 0.96

Click on the ‘I have an account’ button and you’re presented with this screen. Provide the creds, you’re good to go!

4squick 0.96

Once you’re done doing the above, you will be presented with what I call the ‘Instant Check-in’ view. Here, 4squick throws up a list of nearby venues where you may probably want to check-in, all just by detecting your location. If you think the location is not correct, you can hit the refresh button just to the right of the venue detected on the top.

4squick 0.96 Instant Check-in

Hit the venue you want to check in to, and you’re presented with this

4squick Check in

4squick Check in

Once you check in, you’re presented with this screen.

4squick post check-in screen

Scroll down a bit and you’re presented with a mini Leaderboard, showing you your position, after the check-in. Everytime you move up the ladder, you get to read a witty one liner! Heh.

Just not this, you can also view the recent check-ins of your friends. Just hit the icon (the one which shows two heads, couldn’t come up with anything better). Hit any one of those friends’ check-ins and you’re provided with an option to check-in yourself there.

4squick friends' check-in

Better yet, you can even add photos and tips to the venue. Just hit the respective camera and tip buttons on the bottom.

4squick add photo to venue

4squick add tip to venue

You can also view your own profile. Just hit the man with one head, in the bar on the bottom. You will be shown with this screen. Hit on the venue under the ‘Last seen at’ section and you get to see your entire check-in history. Nice.

4squick profile view

And not to forget, this is the Leaderboard.

4squick Leaderboard


That is as much about the app. It’s neat, slick and most importantly, it just works. No API errors, nothing. And it has only gotten better. There doesn’t seem to be any haptic feedback support at the moment, though. And as far the UI goes, I absolutely love it. The icon is great, too. So much so that I placed it on my homescreen, although I don’t use it that much. Little things like these matter, and while they seem to be giving negligible benefit, they play on the user’s minds and push him to use the app even more. So, UI matters, folks. It does.

As for the rating to the app, I give it 9 on 10. For the app is free and provides you with almost all features. Nothing fancy, but nothing basic. The developers plan to release a paid version in the future, but there will be a free version as well, albeit with some features restricted only to the paid users.

Download it from the Ovi Store.