Different Tack- A quick review

A few days ago, my timeline on twitter was buzzed by the news of arrival of a new twitter client called “Different Tack”. At first instance, I ignored the tweets and moved up on my timeline, but later on I found that it was available for free only for a limited time on Ovi Store. This statement was sufficient to lure me to grab it to give it a try, whether it is worth something or not, I surely didn’t want to repent later on when as claimed it would be a paid application. So I just downloaded it from Ovi Store.

When I finally installed it and started exploring it, I found that it is not an application which could be explored in 1-2 minutes (I generally run through an application for a smaller time to see whether it’s worthy or not). But this application goes with its name and was quite different and needed some more time to get an idea of it. And, now I feel like sharing my early experience with you about the application.

  1. This application is surely an eye candy, with a very smart and different user interface which uses the touch sensor of the phone very smartly. It has got a rotatory wheel and a small screen and all the functions are embedded on the wheel. Just have a look at the home screen below, the top most portions is the output part and the rotatory wheel is the input interface. You can, clearly see all the options like timeline, new, search people, search keyword, bookmark, setting, help, about and your profile option. You just rotate your thumb over it and the info would be displayed on the screen box above, tap to choose one and you are ready. The interface is very fast, clean and convenient. A tap on the big blue button in the middle take you to the previous menu.
  2. Now just have a look at the timeline. It’s the same kinda wheel with a big blue button in the middle. And in it the tweets are arranged in anticlockwise direction from 12 o’clock position. Just move your thumb to a particular tweet give it a tap and you will get option for that particular tweet, ranging from retweet, reply, message, mentions, bookmark, option to open the link on web and profile of the person. An interesting thing is the color coding of each leaf of the wheel. The blue color shows the intensity of the retweets of the particular tweet. The more the blue is, the more popular is the tweet. The tweets having mentions, weblinks will have a green in it and rest would have grey color leaves. When u tap a particular tweet, the tweet will be shown in the screen box on the top with a ‘i’ on the right corner, clicking on which will open the profile and on the wheel below there are three color codes, red is for the hashtags, tap the red leaf, select the hashtag and you would get a new wheel having tweets containing that hastags. Then there is a yellow colour, it highlights the profile and the mentions tapping on each would work in the similar way as explained in hashtags and then there is a general blue colour for the rest of the leaves.
  3. Another thing which attracts my attention and need a special mention is that, in Different Tack the link is opened in a different web window which is not sticked with the different tack, means u can use different tack while the link is being opened in background. It is unlike gravity and this is something which is really multitasking.
  4. And, I must say that it has got a great help menu. When you are gonna have such a complicated but an interesting interface, you need a proper usage manual and they haven’t let us down with it. Just an easy go on the help menu and you are ready to explore the Different Tack.

So, I have listed down major features of the application but since every coin has two sides, so there are few things which it lacks. Friends, since I have found that Gravity is the best twitter client, so I am comparing this amateur application with the beast in the market. But, if it needs to excel, it should compete with the best. So here are few shortcomings of the application:-

  1. The first thing that you would notice is that although it has provided a great interface but still it hasn’t utilized the screen properly. The wheel is bit big than required and the screen box is bit small and there is lot of empty space which could have been utilized better.
  2. Then, there is a bookmark option to bookmark a particular tweet, but it is a temporary bookmark, once you will close the Different Tack, it would be removed. Hence, the favorite button that we get on the web is missing.
  3. Then, I can’t find an option with which you can mark someone spam or block however, you can follow and unfollow a person with just a tap.
  4. Another thing which I didn’t like personally is the pattern in which the tweets are arranged for me it should have been in reverse direction means with the newest one on the 12 o’ clock line and then moving clockwise unlike the way it is moving anticlockwise.
  5. It lacks in adding content to the retweet just like the web option. Click o retweet and it would be retweeted on its own, without any addition. Gravity has got the option to add content.
  6. It doesn’t have any refresh button on it so you would have to rely on its automatic refresh which is quite fast and it does not allow multiple accounts. Although a common man doesn’t run more than one account, but if you are someone who manages an account of your dog or your company in addition to yours you need a multiple account application.
  7. One of the major bug is highlighted when you type your tweet using the T9 dictionary. In this case when you type the last word and click on ok the last word won’t be shown until u tap the screen again or hit the right arrow while typing. Just look at the following two screensnaps, in this case in the first one if you directly click on the ‘ok arrow’ without hitting the right arrow, you will get the second screen which won’t show the last word ‘screensnap’ unless u tap it. So if you tweet really fast, you are gonna miss last word in each tweet of yours. I did it for first three tweets o mine.

Although the application is at very early stage and I have tried to review the most of it, yet you are requested to watch this space for more information. And, I am sure that if the developers can come out with such an application, they would surely remove these bugs and problems in later stage. I wish my luck to the team of developers and I insist you that you should try this application, because it surely deserves some attention for its hatke kind an approach.

You can download the application for free from Ovi Store