GoToMenu : A Quick Review

You all must have followed the launch of N9. The one thing that they emphasised on during the launch was a key less front- dey named it a pure touch mobile. The moment i heard it, the tiny menu key on the front of my N8, start growing bigger in front of my eyes, the only thought that came to my mind was to get rid of that key and make my N8 pure touch phone. But, unluckily this is the only key which provide you access to the main menu, and opened applications. You people might have seen some UIs in which you can switch to the menu with a swap. And, finally i have come across with an application that atleast open the menu with the swap of your finger and you need not press the tiny menu key. So, i am reviewing that application for you:-

The name of the application is GoToMenu. Its a very simple application which installs easily on phones having S60v5, S^1, S^3 devices. It has got a 5 tab menu as shown in the screen shot below:-

Tab 1. Pressing the first tab activates the application. Once you tap it with your finger it shows “Application Enabled”. It means your application is running and you can swap to the menu  the homescreen.

Tab 2. Pressing the second tab activates autostart.


Tab 3. The third tab is just for advertisement purposes, naming some other application by the developers.

Tab 4. The fourth tab gives you a two screen tutorial on how to use the software. It also have an option to take you to the phone’s browser to ‘watch video’ of tutorial.

Tab 5. The fifth tab is the ‘exit’ tab. You need not run the application in background, so after activating the service, you simply exit it.

Using it is very simple, as i have tried on my N8, go across any of the three home pages and swipe it either in upward or downward directions and you will get the menu, and will experience something that the native symbian OS should have like other UIs. Following are few flaws of the software :-

1.  Although you can open the menu by vertical swap means either upward or downward. And if you happen to use the horizontal option usually you have to move from homescreen 1 to homescreen 2 to homescreen 3 and then by swaping horizontal direction you will be able to open the menu, however sometime it get opens on the homescreen 1 or 2 also. So the horizontal swap is not that smooth and reliable. But, the vertical one works perfectly well.

2. It only works in potrait mode, so if you are habitual of using your phone in landscape mode, it is useless for you.

3. It doesn’t swap you to the open applications, if the developer can add this option into GoToMenu. It would sell like hot cakes.

But the application is worth trying So grab your copy from here (But the copy is unsigned and you will need to sign it before installation this link might help you) !!!