How to: Multiple Search Engines in Opera Mobile!

I’ve been a long time Opera Mobile User and I believe many of you too have been using it since quite some time. Did you notice one difference between the Mini and Mobile versions? Mini has multiple search engines while Mobile has just Google.



This does not make much of a difference, but still. For example, IMdB is better when you need to search for a movie. So, while Google isn’t the answer for everything, let me give a nice little tip here – you can add more search engines even in the Mobile version! How?

To begin with, its pretty simple – first enter the address of the SE (ex: Then, highlight the search bar and press ‘1’ – you’ll get options like ‘paste’, ‘copy’, ‘add search engine’. Voila!, you’re done! Hit ‘add search engine’ and save it. As simple as that!





I’ve added some 5 SEs, let me know how many you added. Also, suggestions are most welcome – let us know quality SEs in the comments section.

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Posted by Wordmobi