Nimbuzz receives a major update to v3.0, but does it work?

It was just yesterday that Nimbuzz has bumped its messenger to 3.0, but the whole blogoshpere is buzzing with the news. We might well be a day or so late in reporting, but that was because we were trying it out before saying anything. As usual, we let our images do the talking, so read, errm, look out!


There are a lot of changes under the hood – both for eye candy as well as usability. First and foremost being this


The next thing that I found new was that I was asked to enter my country and phone number – for sending texts and making calls! Its optional though, you can always skip the step.

Next is what? Its back to normal – the list of all the friends is there, this time with an option of displaying the Phonebook! Its handy, more so when you actually start using NimbuzzOut.

Things look pretty much same in the beginning, but as you start using it fully, you feel the difference – the app loads extremely fast. Earlier, it used to take almost 2-5 minutes for it to load and get working. Its down to just 10-15 seconds now. And no, its not just once or twice, I started it dozens of times, so it really works that fast.

Another noticeable change is in the ‘Chat’ style – now it can be set to normal and simple. It’s not much of a difference, more of an eye-candy.


The desktop notifs have always been cool, no other matches Nimbuzz in this regard


Twitter remains the way it has been, which is li’l disappointing. It’s not really ‘read’able, and being a Gravity user for long, I don’t appreciate this much.


This is what it looks like now when you hit back from anywhere in the app. Pretty cool and easy to use.


Groups show the accounts activated, now along with Phonebook.


And yes, you can now add contacts to your accounts directly from Nimbuzz.

Final Words
Nimbuzz was once an irritating app for me (sorry, it really was) and I’d replaced it with eBuddy, it was lightweight unlike Nimbuzz which sucked almost 15-20 MB RAM. Now that it has been improved, I’m happily back on it. It has been optimized not just for newer Symbian devices, but for almost all the devices running on Symbian, and yes, I’m impressed! Go for it!

Get it from the Ovi Store now!

Let us know how you think it is! Stay Hooked!

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