PC File Download: Transfer files, stream music and videos wirelessly from your PC to WP7

PC file download is a cool app for WP7 that lets you transfer files, stram music and videos flawlessly from your pc to your WP7 device. You can also transfer using a USB cable but I hate wires :-). It is quite easy to set-up and I’ll try to keep this tutorial as short as possible.

Step 1 : Downloading the tools

  • Download PC file download from marketplace.
  • Download HTTP File Server (HFS) for PC. 

Step 2 : Setting up HFS and sharing from PC

  • Start HFS. It is a portable application supported on all versions of Windows. I tested it on Windows 7 64-bit and it works flawlessly.
  • HFS window has two panes – the left pane is the virtual file system.


  • On top there is an address bar showing. On top of it you should see “Port: 80”. Don’t change any of these unless you are sure.


  • For sharing drag any folder from windows to the left pane. Select “Real Folder” (in red) in the pop up dialog box and you are done. You can share folders containg documents, presentations, pdf files, music and videos.


Step 3 : Setting up PC File Download on WP7

  • Start PC file download on phone.


  • Swipe right to go into settings. You can set up as Work PC host or Home PC host. Both settings worked for me. Configure ip address and port. Everything else remains untouched.

(click to enlarge)

  • Once you are done, hit the refresh button and swipe left to go to “File List”. You will see the list of files you shared are right there on your phone.


  • You can select and download them. For music and videos they will start streaming when you hit the download button. You can save Images and office files the usual way.

(transfer and save pictures)

(Transfer and save Office documents, presentations etc.)

(Streaming HD Movie)

(Streaming Audio)

  • As you can see there are some issues with music streaming. It fails to display any attributes and album art.

Overall I love this application. If you have a WP7 device, do give it a try .