Review: a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones

I am fiddly with earphones, and have a talent when it comes to ruining them. I have about 4 pairs lying in the back of my drawer – they all either lack one of the earpieces, or the cable’s broken. Thankfully, the one provided with my main phone is pretty much in working condition.

a-Jays One

So, coming back to the point, I’ve been using the a-Jays One Heavy Bass Impact Earphones for the past couple of weeks, and I feel I can give an opinion, finally.

Specifications, for the nerds -

  • Driver: 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker
  • Isolation: JAYS sound isolating system
  • Sensitivity: 95dB SPL @ 1 kHz
  • Impedence: 16 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 20-18000 kHz
  • Cord length: 45″
  • Gold-plated 3.5 mm plug

First thing I noticed – excellent build quality. The earpieces are pretty sturdy from the outset, and the cord is flat, so you should basically have it tangle-free. I could get it to tangle much, except when kept with another, cylindrical-cord earphones. That is two out of two for the a-Jays One already.

The a-Jays One sound excellent, too, and work with all of my smartphones. They sound much, much better than the earphones I’m using currently – the sound is crisp and clear, and the soundstage is really good.

Included in the box are 4 pairs of silicone sleeves of different sizes, so they can fit in most of the ears out there, heh. There’s a manual included as well, in case you need to know about a thing or two.

The only thing I miss is the mic. At the very least, I wish they’d come with a button which could act as a pause/play/change button, like most of the earphones do. Pretty flawless, otherwise.

Best of all, they look good. One of the rather important criterion when choosing a pair of earphones, at least for me.

The a-Jays One cost about $32, so they’re pretty affordable for daily usage. You can buy them over at MobileFun for the said price.

Own one? Let us know what you think!