Review: Mugen Power 3200 mAh Extended Battery For Samsung Galaxy S2

Mugen Power

Dmitry from Mugen Power was kind enough to send me 3200 mAh Mugen Power battery for SGS2. As far as the package contents are concerned. It comes with the extended battery and two back covers out of which one has a stand at the back and can be used to place the phone in tilted mode to watch movies and all. It was shipped to me within 15-20 days by Air Mail.

Mugen Power

On fitting the battery, your phone becomes a bit heavier and wider, but frankly speaking the battery’s performance nullifies this effect. One overnight charge to 100% makes it last for whole day and you can enjoy your Smartphone way better than you used to with your stock battery. You no longer need to put your dead and slim (may be good looking for some) in your pocket or docked to the charger all the time. Below are few screenshots of battery usage taken randomly by me over the period of 1 month.

For the last one month or so, I have been following these procedures and I haven’t ever come across any problem with the extended battery. And the screenshots above are quite evident of the battery life I am getting from the extended battery. So, if you are someone who love to explore and use his phone to the fullest rather than keeping it in your pocket in fear of having a dead battery, go and pick your battery from their website.

If you are not using SGS2, you can check up on their  site, they have a lot of batteries for most of the smartphones out there.

Here are some bits you should take care of to increase your battery life.

  • You need to download and install Mugen Calibration Tool which is available in Playstore and can be downloaded from here (But, you will need a rooted phone to use it) . After installing this, you need to calibrate your extended battery, which simply means charging it to 100 % before first usage.
  • You should charge it overnight for few days even if it reaches the 100 % level. I strongly recommend this for as many times as you can do it.
  • You shouldn’t discharge the battery to 0% level.
  • Follow the official user guide instructions here.

Pro tip: If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, you can avail a good 7% discount by following them or liking them.

Disclosure – the battery sample I received is retained, since couriering them back will alone cost almost as much as the battery costs.