Sneak Peek In To Twabbit – A Twitter Client For Windows Phone

Creativity is a trait which sees no bound. Ideas flows in all three dimensions upto infinite limits and then some of them materialises and take some shape/form etc. But, one of the emerging Mobile platform aka Windows Mango has forced developers to follow certain strict guidelines to create applications. They have a full fledged wired fence, which is supposed to be adhered to. In such kind of restricted world, you can add very less to the applications when it comes to design/performance but one of our developer friends Nilay Shah, Bharadwaj and Priyank Panchal is working hard to make a difference with his upcoming twitter client Twabbit. He has recently released beta of the application and we are going to have a quick look on how the application works.

So, when you add your account it directs you to official twitter page to authorise the application. You can add multiple accounts and set any of the account as a default account and can switch between accounts easily from accounts–>settings












Under the setting menu you will get 5 tabs :-

Accounts:- From this tab, you can add accounts, delete them, set certain account as default.


Timeline:- Under this tab, you can set number of tweets to fetch , update time (in mins) for mentions and messages, cache number for TL, mentions and messages, hard mute and leht hand for top bar.


General:- Under this tab you get an option to set what you want to fetch on the first time load on the startup of the application vis-a-vis Timeline, mentions, messages. You can also set whether you want to refresh timeline by moving on top.

Background: Here you can set whether you want to enable background agent or not. It also gives you an option to  set whether you want to run it on wifi only or gprs too. Currently it updates only default user account. This options seems good to me, notification for multiple accounts could be disturbing.


Send Tweet: Here you can set location sharing, auto location and whether you want to add hash tags while replying or not.


Tap on the bottom right hand side and a new translucent menu which will give you options for settings, search, send message, under the hood, drafts

Under the search menu, you can search for tweets, tweeps and save your searches. In order to mute a certain hash tag you will have to search for that here and then select mute from the options or alternatively, you can press the hash tag in a certain tweet and it will redirect you to the search page and you can mute that hash tag from here.













If you want to mute or block certain person, you have to open the profile of that person. There under the description, there is a tab which shows the follow/following relation. Long press it and you will get unfollow/follow, Report as Spam, Block or Mute.



Using the Send Message option you can send message. Since this is a beta version and the auto completion hasn’t yet been implemented you have to write the full handle (with or without ‘@’) to send the message.

‘Under the hood’ shows Muted Hashtags, Users and Blocked users. In order to unmute or unblock someone, you just have to long press it and you will get an option to unmute or unblock.












On muting/unmuting or blocking/unblocking you will get a toast notification on the top about the same….


Drafts hold the saved tweets which can be sent at later stage with or without editing .

Now lets move to the main page of the application, here on the top left you get a compose button tap on that and the ‘Compose new tweet ‘ dialogue box will open,  you can click the options from bottom right to get more options. You can add /clear image, location, pin/unpin it to the homepage of your phone, shorten url and save draft from here.












On the top right the selected account’s handle is written, tap on it and you can see your profile (with description and stats), tweets, favorites, followers and friends.













To open someone else’s profile you can long press his handle in certain tweet or click on the Name after opening a certain tweet of the person. The only difference between your profile and other’s profile is the Follow status bar and options to send mention and direct message.


So, the main part has got a Home, Interactions, Inbox an Sent. All of them have a pull to refresh option. The horizontal and the vertical strolling is very good which make this application quite handy.












A small press and hold give it a tilt (same is applicable to images too). Hold it bit longer and you will get options to reply, retweet  , profile and add to favourite options. Reply will be ‘reply to all’ and will also include hashtags if selected in settings. And, here the Retweet option is the native one without editing.














If you tap on a tweet, it will open it up individually which is not less than a Pandora Box. On the main page, the tweet with the username,handle and avatar on the top and source and time on the bottom is shown. Tapping on the avatar area opens up the profile. On the bottom you get an option to message the user, favorite the tweet, retweet (this will open the editing box and you can add word before retweeting), reply, email-tweet, sms tweet, report as spam and block user.














It doesn’t end here scroll to your right you will get to see the Images in the tweet, maps and conversations














Due to MS restrictions, you will get the toast notifications for New tweets, mentions and messages every 3o minutes though you can setup the time for update of mentions and messages in setting as discussed above. You get the notifications at the time of startup too.


In its beta stage it looks like a promising twitter client. Following are few highlights and known bugs


(i) Kinetic Scrolling is very smooth and effortless.

(ii) Fetching of tweet and updating is good even with slower network.

(iii) Geo tagging is the best I have seen with any application.

(iv) Image and map preview are hastlefree.

Known Issue:-

(i) Image uploading is not working at the moment.

So, I am looking forward to the next beta in which the developers have promised to come up with many more features and to remove the image bug. If anyone out here want to test this beta, you should contact Nilay or Bharadwaj.

P.S. I still think that green logo was good 😛

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