Sneak Peek into Twabbit – the upcoming Twitter client for WP7

 Another twitter app? WP7 marketplace already has many clients like Rowi, Mehdoh, Seesmic, Pergerine, TweetCaster, TweetIt! etc. But it still lacks a perfect twitter client. Something like Gravity for Symbian and Plume/Twicca for Android. Twabbit begs to be different. It is very far from being perfect, but can do a lot of tricks which many mature apps accross various platforms only dream of. The app is in alpha and is being developed( the developer is actually fixing bugs and adding new features while I am writing this) by Nilay Shah and Bharadwaj. I have been testing this app from Day 1 and I’ve seen it grow in kilobytes. The very first versions were very basic, with minimalistic metro UI and basic features like tweet and reply. The version I have previewed is very close to the beta version one you’ll see in the marketplace in next  7-10 days.

Coming to the app itself, focus from Day 1 was on faster and smoother UI. Below is a video that demonstrates scrolling speed.

The video is from initial days of development. The UI has evolved in the same way like a butterfly that develops from a moth. Have a look

Splash Screen
You can have tiles for compose, replies, DM,and saved searches on Homescreen
Timeline and Interactions view is minimalistic so as to fit in more number of tweets on screen. The small icon on top left is for composing new tweet
Compose a tweet
Tap on a tweet to get options to Reply, Retweet or favorite a tweet
Quote and Retweet
Tap on your handle in the top right corner anywhere in the app to go to your profile. You can swipe left or right to see your tweets, Followers, Friends and Favorites
For profiles of other users, you see a green bar if he/she is following back or a gray bar if otherwise
You can block a user, report him as spam or even mute him
The app categorizes Blocked or Muted users as “Your Special” (yes Eldar I’ve muted you :-p)
The search box does what it should do.  You can pin saved searches to homescreen too
Oh yes! there is support for multiple accounts too
Other settings
I like twabbit because of functionality, a beautiful UI and smoothness. There are a lot of missing features like uploading images, image preview, lists etc which will be added gradually. The beta version should hit marketplace in February. In case you have some queries drop a comment below.