After Initially Denying To Update Galaxy S And Galaxy Tab 7 To ICS, Samsung Reevaluating Its Decision

Samsung Galaxy S no ICS

Uhm, looks like Samsung wants to keep us all entertained. After initially deciding against pushing the much important Ice Cream Sandwich update, Samsung is now reportedly rethinking its decision.

The Galaxy S happens to be the Korean’s most successful smartphone till date, and the Galaxy Tab 7, though didn’t bring home lots of numbers. I witnessed a sort of mass outrage on Twitter, and seemingly, Samsung has been taken aback by it, although I still sense they’re dragging their feet on the update.

Note that though, there is still no guarantee you Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab 7 owners will see Ice Cream Sandwich on your phone and tablet, just yet. You may as well never see the update on your device, but at least now, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bad PR for Samsung, on the other hand.