After Launching Androids In Every Imaginable Size, Samsung May Launch A 2 GHz Dual Core Galaxy Tab


Hello rumours. It’s been quite some time since we heard about a Galaxy Tab rumour. Here’s one. It may also blow the living senses out of you (if it makes any sense).

We’re talking about the Exynos 2 GHz dual core processor. 4 GHz power in toto. That’s 25% faster than my desktop PC. Not sure if that’s even required by humans, considering it’s only a tablet, but it should serve well for another couple of major releases of Android, assuming Samsung launches it with Ice Cream Sandwich. At MWC.

There’s more – apparently, Samsung will also be doubling the screen resolution to 2560×1600 pixels, and the display size to 11.6″. Not so sure how amazing the display size sounds, but the other two specs sound good. Until we know the price, and more detailed specs, that is. Can’t wait, nonetheless.