Dell Updates Its Discontinued Streak 5 To Gingerbread, Others Can Hang Their Heads In Shame

Dell Streak 5 Gingerbread

Amidst all the ‘hey that phone is soo old, I’m not going to update it, so you can as well cry’ that’s being dished out by certain manufacturers, Dell has quietly released the Gingerbread update for a product it has discontinued – the Streak 5.

Streak 5 was Dell’s first Android-device, and it’s quite heartening to know they still care about their customers. You’d remember Samsung has decided not to update the Galaxy S, its most successful phone till date, to Ice Cream Sandwich, and is witnessing an outrage (I can see it on my Twitter timeline, at least) online. Whatever be the reason, it’s sick of a company to not update its device which is still used by millions. It becomes even more ironical that a discontinued product gets an update, which in this case, did not sell even a fraction of Galaxy S’.

The Gingerbread update also brings Dell’s Stage UI 1.5.1, Swype 2.27 among other things. Also, even if the update hasn’t been made available for you yet, you can straightaway download it from Dell, and if you don’t know how to install it, you can follow these instructions on XDA.

Let us know how the update goes, and if it is a worthy update.