HTC at the MWC


Well. Here you have 5 smartphones and the Flyer – a tablet, from HTC. The Desire S, the Wildfire S and the Incredible S, all being successors of the phones, still there in the market. Two new devices, the Salsa and ChaCha, with some serious emphasis on Facebook integration were also announced. They come with a ‘dedicated Facebook button’, but donot mistake them for Facebook phones. Zuckerberg has already said that there’ll be dozens of phones with tight Facebook integration. Oh, HTC has a tablet as well! The HTC Flyer is actually for true. And lo, it impressed me! (I’m tough to be impressed!). It certainly is a whiff of fresh air, for the design is not blatant rip off of another Android.

1. Desire S


The original Desire was highly successful. Then came the Desire HD and took the ‘desireness’ to all new heights. Here, folks, we have the Desire S that aims to take the legacy in style.

The Desire S comes in a unibody casing, a 3.7 WVGA res screen besides the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Chipset with a Adreno 205 chipset to assist it. Also there’s 768 MB RAM, so you need not worry about the phone being laggy. Ofcourse, it’ll ship with Gingerbread.

2. Incredible S


HTC seems to believe in the fact that users should feel at home with the Hardware. The Incredible S looks a lot like the Incredible, albeit with the 4” WVGA display (Super LCD) being the differentiator. It rocks a 1 GHz processor, has an 8 MP snapper (no full HD), and 768 MB RAM.

3. Wildfire S


The original Wildfire did it’s own bit to introduce feature-phone users to the Android world. Here comes it’s successor. It sports a 3.2” WVGA display and comes with Gingerbread. There’s a 600 MHz processor along with 512 MB RAM. It has a 5 MP snapper.

4. Salsa


With a 3.4” HVGA res touchscreen, a 600 MHz processor and a 5 MP snapper, the Salsa aims to be the Facebook phone, coming with a dedicated FB button. It has 512 MB RAM, so you shouldn’t come across any lags.

5. ChaCha


The ChaCha on the other hand, is a touch and type style device, with a full qwerty keypad thrown in. All the other specs remain same (refer Salsa)

6. Flyer


Last, but not the least, we have the Flyer – HTC’s first Android Tablet (Samsung already has 2, Motorola has 2 variants, Dell has 2). It sports a 7” touchscreen (1024×600 res), and rocks a 1.5 GHz processor. Just before you can think, it doesn’t run Honeycomb, but runs the latest version of Gingerbread, v2.4, like Salsa and ChaCha. It has 1 GB RAM. It will get Honeycomb once the Sense UI is optimised for it (talk about delays)

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