Layar Augmented Reality Browser Comes Out Of Beta, Brings Sharing To The Mix

It’s no doubt that Layar Browser is the best Augmented Reality (AR) app out there, and the fact that it exists on the three most popular platforms makes it appear even better. In their continuous efforts to make their app better, the people at Layar have released the final version of the app, after some thorough testing (the app is out of Beta now). Sharing content on Facebook and Twitter has been made available now, in addition to several bug fixes.

Here’s the Change-log:

  • New UI focusing on discovery of layers. (Please see details on Navigation in Layar Client v5.0 page)
  • Animation API including simple appearance animation and fully customizable animations. (Please see details on animation for API 5 page)
  • Ability to share layers on Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Ability to take screenshots in AR view and share to Facebook and Twitter (built in functionality)
  • Developer initiated sharing on layer and POI level via actions (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Removed pre-filled text (defaultText) for sharing on Facebook (please see details on Sharing API 5 page)
  • Ability to upload a screenshot to layer developer’s own web server. (can be defined under the API endpoint section of the layer editing page in the layer publishing environment. )
  • User interaction Dialog feature in API v5.0. (please see details on User interaction Dialog API 5 page)
  • Added localization support.
  • Notification to end user when premium layers are unpublished.
  • We have disabled support for Skyhook in Layar 5.0 Android client. We will provide for an improved GPS experience in future releases

Fixed bugs:

  • Auto-triggered actions: Only the closest POI should be triggered when the user is within the auto-trigger range of multiple POIs. (MAIN-488)
  • URI format “” is now supported. (MAIN-529)
  • Layar intent to testing layers ends up in the layer catalog instead of the camera view of the layer (MAIN-1123)
  • Login issues introduced in previous 5.0 Beta version. (Please see details here. )
  • Each 2nd refresh of “Featured” list provides no results. (MAIN-1158)
  • no POIs shown on first start on HTC Desire HD. (MAIN -690)
  • POIs are not shown in the camera view when they are in focus on HTC Desire. (MAIN-1126)
  • Force close when user refreshes the “Samsung” category on Samsung Galaxy S (MAIN-1215)
  • Sharing: short description of some layers is duplicated after it was shared on facebook. (MAIN-654)
  • The detailed BIW is not shown on click on the POI icon when “showSmallBiw” =false and “showBiwOnClick”=true (MAIN-530)
  • No cookies sent with screenshot shared with developer (see more on Sharing API 5 page)

Hit the Android Market and grab the latest build.

PS: The Symbian version is not far away, we’re told. Don’t worry!

Update: At the time of writing this, a new version, numbered v5.0.1 was released, fixing another bug in the v5.0 (resolves the force close issue when launching Layar for the first time after v5.0 update)